Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum Are Reportedly "Inseparable"

The rumored new couple might actually be the real deal.

After much speculation, it looks like Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum might actually be a thing. From iced coffee runs to shared bike rides around New York City, the pair have seemingly gone from colleagues to couple, but without any PDA, fans (Williamsburg moms, included) couldn't be certain if they were actually dating. But according to People, Kravitz and Tatum are very much together — so much so that a source says the two are "inseparable."

"They spent the weekend in N.Y.C., strolled around the city, met up with friends and visited the Guggenheim Museum," the insider revealed of their recent outings. "They looked very happy. They have this cute and flirty chemistry."

Channing Tatum Zoe Kravitz

A separate source at Entertainment Tonight concurred, adding: "They like each other and things are easy and natural between them. They're cute together. They've enjoyed being out and about together."

Their relationship even has Hollywood gossiping, with an industry source sharing that Kravitz and Tatum have a lot in common. "Zoë thinks Channing has depth both as an actor and a person," they said, while another insider added that Channing likes that Zoë "is independent and outspoken as well as bright."

The pair both worked on The Lego Batman Movie back in 2017, but it wasn't until Zoë approached Channing to star in Pussy Island (her directorial debut) that they made an official introduction. Not long after, their relationship reportedly turned romantic.

Back in June, Kravitz told Deadline that she had Tatum in mind for the male lead (a tech billionaire) in the film while developing the character. "Chan was my first choice, the one I thought of when I wrote this character," she shared. "I just knew from Magic Mike and his live shows, I got the sense he's a true feminist and I wanted to collaborate with someone who was clearly interested in exploring this subject matter."

Channing, for his part, was grateful for Zoë granting him the opportunity to play a role that was unlike anything from his past. "This came out of nowhere and the subject matter made me say, wait, why are you thinking about me for this? No one gives me a chance to play a role like this, everybody throws me down a different alley and expects me to do a certain thing. It was scary and liberating, just to be able to have a free conversation, where I was allowed to mess up, and say the wrong things."

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