This Guy: Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris

Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris

The Emily in Paris heartthrob says Alfie is so much more than a playboy.

"Paris is a place where you can really get lost and just find little gems," Lucien Laviscount says. You can see it on the hopeless romantic’s face and hear it in his voice at every mention of the City of Love: Laviscount j’adores Paris. "Paris has just got a different energy and vibe than anywhere else. The architecture's incredible, how they built it. Even the Eiffel Tower, they built it around the sun. The city is a piece of art in itself."

The 30-year-old actor first moved to the French capital to film season 2 of Emily in Paris as Alfie, Emily Cooper’s (played by Lily Collins) dreamy new love interest, having never even stepped foot on the city’s famed avenues. The hit Netflix show — created by Darren Star, the mastermind behind Sex and the City — entered the zeitgeist in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was more than willing to be whisked away to the magical cobblestone streets of Paris.

The collective need for escapism launched the series into a pop-culture phenomenon that would go on to receive Golden Globe nominations and be renewed for a second (and third and fourth) season. Laviscount — not a stranger to blockbuster shows (he appeared as a fraternity bro in the bloody Ryan Murphy dark comedy, Scream Queens, and played Jason in the controversial British cult-favorite Skins) — was cast as Alfie, a role that was initially only meant to last three episodes. The world quickly fell in love with his good looks, endearing accent, and magnetic presence, prompting Star to promote him to a series regular.

"I'll never forget when I got the phone call, it must have been about midnight," Laviscount remembers. "Automatically I'm like, ‘What have I done wrong? I'm in trouble.’ [Darren’s] like, ‘Would you come back to do the third season?’ That feeling for me was just so amazing. Nothing really touches that."

This Guy: Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris
Officine Générale top and pants.

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Although Laviscount quickly found his place in the City of Light, being away from home in a foreign city felt less lonely when surrounded by the cast of EiP. He says Collins took him under her (fashionable) wing once they started filming, becoming like a "big sister" to him.

"She's so giving as an actress and just as a human as well," he says. "She can really focus on what's in front of her when she's doing it and give a hundred percent. It is quite amazing to see how she snaps between all these different roles within her life [Collins is also a producer on the show], and it's so seamless."

For those unfamiliar with Emily Cooper’s milieu, Alfie is a British banker who begrudgingly moves to Paris and is required to take French courses (cue the meet-cute), though at first he doesn’t give the overeager American the time of day. But his hard exterior, crude sense of humor, and fuckboy energy is just a façade. Laviscount explains that, like Emily, Alfie is a bit of a fish out of water — though his hardass demeanor has a way of grounding Emily’s world of statement sleeves and Technicolor accessories.

"[Alfie’s] got these boundaries and these barriers up. He's not happy in his career, he's in a new city, he's got this cloud lingering over him, and he can't break out and see the sunshine behind the clouds," he says. "And then Emily [Cooper] comes in, this freaking pop of unicorn, literally vomiting unicorn dust everywhere. She opens him up."

This Guy: Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris

Photo: Lucien Laviscount

If you’re basing your opinion of Laviscount on his Emily In Paris character, you’ll be surprised to learn that his personality actually leans closer to Emily’s bubbly disposition, a stark contrast to Alfie’s reserved and posh demeanor. Upon meeting Laviscount, it’s plain to see that he captivates every room he walks into with his larger-than-life persona and ostentatious energy. When he arrived at the InStyle office, he greeted everyone with hugs and cracked endless jokes throughout his time on set. The real Lucien is somewhere between his loud, boisterous character Steve (military man and ex-fiancé of Hayley) in Prime Video’s Your Christmas Or Mine and his role of Alex on The CW’s Katy Keene, the smooth-talking, record company heir who falls for Josie McCoy (played by Ashleigh Murray, the character originated on the network’s hit show Riverdale).

But while he clearly isn’t bothered by being the center of attention (he works the camera during our photoshoot with smolders, toothy grins, and winks), he remains down-to-earth. Don’t be fooled by his brooding Instagrams; Lucien is a goofball and a ham. Not in a disingenuous way, but rather one that’s completely authentic to who he is at his core. He’s skilled at making those around him feel special (see: his recent interview with Drew Barrymore). The Brit knows how to live in the moment and exudes positivity no matter what’s going on behind the scenes or in his personal life, a notion on par with his "all-or-nothing" mentality.

This Guy: Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris
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What Laviscount and Alfie do share is their perspective on love, something fans will see more of in the upcoming season, which premieres Dec. 21 on Netflix. "Love is a choice at the end of the day. You choose to love that person, no matter what happens," Laviscount says, "If that person doesn't choose you, then that's OK. Someone else will choose you."

Alfie’s walls begin to come down in this installment of Emily in Paris, which shows a more vulnerable side of the dynamic character. As Alfie falls harder for Emily, the audience realizes that his cold shoulder was a way for him to guard his heart, because of past pain. His tough exterior gradually softens towards Emily, and the show’s other characters, like Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Camille (Camille Razat), and Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), who become his Parisian friends. "Alfie definitely opens up a whole new range of who he is, and you get to see a bit more of his backstory, and why he is who he is," Laviscount explains. "He speaks his heart, and he is truthful and honest. And as much as he plays unaware to certain things, his heart's in the right place. And I really feel like he just wants the best for Emily."

According to Laviscount, that’s where French differs from British — or even American — dating culture. The French, he notices, have the ability to "live in something and move on," which is evidently a mindset he’s adopted based on his definition of love. But he also describes the city’s residents as confident and sure of themselves, which he finds intriguing rather than off-putting. "There's a thing that they say about Parisians being rude, [but] everyone just seems to be content with themselves," he says. "I feel like there's a confidence in how they order a coffee. There's a confidence in how they ask you things. And I really fuck with that."

The French influence on Laviscount extends beyond love and lattes, however. It's also evident in his evolving sense of personal style. "I feel like Paris has brought a lot of things out in me, fashion-wise," he says. And that exposure to French designers (Christian Dior! Jean-Paul Gaultier! Louis Vuitton!) has positioned the star to become one of Hollywood’s bona fide fashion boys, sitting front row at runway shows. His recent red carpet outfits — which include a vibrant purple silk Louis Vuitton suit and a cut-out corset — are proof. "It's the fearlessness and confidence that the French have. And it allows you to just adopt this carefree, own-it kind of attitude," he adds.

This Guy: Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris
Givenchy sweater and pants.

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When he’s not filming in Europe, he spends his time in his father’s birthplace: Antigua, in the Caribbean. It’s his sanctuary away from the constant buzz of the internet and his newfound fame. "It's my place where I can really get in tune with myself and touch base," he says. "I chase the sun. So, if there's a beach to be laid upon, a blue sea to be swam in, I will be there."

While on island time, his idea of work-life balance is unplugging from the outside world. "I don't want to have a phone. I think that in the next couple of years, I will not have a phone,” he decides. “[I’ll] check my emails twice a day." It’s a concept foreign to his character’s girlfriend, Emily, who seems to take every opportunity to boost her or her client’s social accounts. But establishing healthy boundaries doesn’t mean you love your job any less. Similar to Emily, Laviscount thrives at work (though it doesn’t always feel like a "job" to him).

"I feel like I love what I do so much, I've never worked a day in my life," he says, referencing a mindset he thinks Alfie finally understands in season 3. "He leans into that, and he enjoys what he does. Emily really shows Alfie, life is what you make it. It's up to you if you choose to wake up with a smile on your face."

This Guy: Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris

Photo: Lucien Laviscount

After a quick refresh at his personal oasis, Laviscount gets back to work with a renewed sense of creative energy, saying he loves arriving to set every day and making something that brightens people’s lives, even if just for a fleeting moment. "It's a superpower to make people feel good, especially with a show like this [and] the people it's managed to touch from different countries and cultures around the world." 

It’s hard to say what’s next for Alfie following an explosive season finale (no spoilers here), but for Laviscount, he’s booked and busy in the new year, working on several films, including an animated movie, as well as managing The Wealthy Beggar in London, a new 5-star dive bar that he opened in partnership with restaurateur and friend Zac Lichman. Even with all of that lined up, Laviscount plans to soak up this moment and live in the present.

"The best phase in my life [is] today. Every day is a new day. Take it, run with it," he says with a smile. "The past is a ghost, the future's a dream, all we have is now.”

Read on for why his favorite TV villain is ... Emily Cooper, who he considers to be the Hollywood Chris, and his recurring dream about Harry Styles.

Who’s your favorite villain?

Emily from Emily in Paris. You did me dirty, girl. No, I'm joking!

Describe a memorable dream you've had recently.

This is really strange. It was more of a nightmare than a dream. I had this recurring thing that I wanted to be Harry Styles. I have no idea why. It just kept on happening, and that's why I say it was more like a nightmare.

I think we all have that dream. First album you ever owned?

First album I ever owned was Usher 8701.

What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movie has to be The Lion King. It's kind of got everything. On the really, really rainy days, it brings you back. 

Do you have a favorite song?

There's a girl called Wallette Watson. She's kind of killing it at the minute for me. She's got this EP, and it's a song called "Slowly." It's a lovely song. 

This Guy: Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris
Officine Générale top and pants.

Photo by Agata Serge

If you were required to spend $1,000 today, what would you buy and why?

I'd probably go shopping for some good food and some warm clothes, because it's cold in New York. Find some cold people and give them warm clothes.

What’s your favorite place to visit?

Bed. I’m a big fan. Not seen it in a while. Miss you.

If you ran for office, what would be your slogan?

Pick me, bitches!

Do you believe in astrology?

I have no other choice but to. I get such a bad rap for being a Gemini. And then as I've got older, I've started to lean fully into it. I'm a Gemini through and through. We're not flaky, we just do what we want when we want to do it.  

Name one place you've never been, but have always wanted to go.

Brazil has been on my list for so long. I've actually booked to go twice now, and every time, work seems to come in the way. I'm not mad at it, but Brazil, I'm coming for you.

Is there an outfit that you regret wearing?

No, because in that moment when I put that on, I was feeling myself. I must have been feeling myself to leave the house. No regrets.

This Guy: Lucien Laviscount Will Always Have Paris

Photo: Lucien Laviscount

Tell your favorite joke.

No. All my jokes are rude. They're all filthy. I'll be canceled so I'm going to keep my jokes to myself. I've got one in my head now. It's really funny.

Who is your favorite Hollywood Chris?


You know, like Chris Pine. Chris Evans. Chris Pratt. Christina Aguilera. Do you have a favorite?

Christian Bale.

What’s your bagel order?

Cream cheese and smoked salmon, because I feel really fancy.

What's your coffee order?

Tea. English Breakfast Tea.

How do you take it?

How do I take it? Like me: golden brown.



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