Jenna Ortega Gushed Over Lady Gaga Recreating the Viral 'Wednesday' TikTok Dance

It's her world, we're just living in it.

Jenna Ortega, who took the world by storm with her performance as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday, recently caught the eyes of one of the biggest risk-takers in Hollywood: Lady Gaga. The Wednesday actress attended the 2023 Golden Globes on Tuesday, where Variety asked Ortega about Gaga recreating her trademark dance from episode four of the hit Netflix series. 

Jenna Ortega Golden Globes 2023

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"A long time ago, I worked with a hairdresser who used to work with [Gaga]," Ortega said. "And I had just seen Lady Gaga in Boston, in concert, a couple years before, and she had made me a video saying, 'Hey, Jenna, I heard you're a fan.' It was a really, really sweet video." 

While the actress “doubts” Gaga recalls this moment or remembers her at all, she admitted, "to see her do that now, it was kind of one of those moments that you acknowledge [how] life changes really fast, and it's really crazy," before adding that she's "sure Netflix would love" the idea of Gaga appearing on a future Wednesday episode.

"I think Mrs. Thornhill (Christina Ricci) and Wednesday had this weird kind of mentor relationship or kind of understood each other in a certain way, so if Lady Gaga were to be a part, I think they would have to be two monsters that understand each other," Ortega added.

Lady Gaga first decided to try out the now-famous TikTok trend back in early Dec. after Ortega's dance scene exploded onto the app remixed to the pop star's song “Bloody Mary.” In the clip, captioned, "BLOODY WEDNESDAY," Gaga gave her take on Wednesday Addams by smudging black eyeliner, applying a dark lip, and braiding her blonde hair into pigtails before breaking out her moves in a blazer and shorts set layered over a frilly blouse.

Wednesday dropped in Nov. 2022, and in a single week, it became one of the most popular television series on Netflix. The masterminds behind Wednesday, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, recently confirmed we’ll see more of Wednesday Addams on our screen for season two. 

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