Meet the Cool-Girl Vintage Store Behind Harper’s Best 'White Lotus' Outfits

For ‘90s Moschino swimsuits and sheer Gaultier dresses, look to the Barcelona-based Los Féliz shop.

Meet the Cool Girl Vintage Store Behind Harper’s Best “White Lotus” Outfits

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Beloved by ‘90s Italian and French vintage devotees, Barcelona-based Los Féliz has operated for years online as an IYKYK gem of the market.  

Its weekly Instagram sales are stocked with pieces that will haunt your dreams — translucid Baccarat necklaces, Kenzo fishnet dresses, Moschino everything, really — but at prices less nightmarish than vintage slingers of similar stock.

Per owner and founder Nadia’s vision, the store specializes in ethereal looks — “something dreamy, something a mermaid would want to wear” — meant for having (or inspiring) fun. It’s like, “Oh, I’m going on vacation, I want to wear this perfect dress,” Nadia says, which made the store a perfect fit to clothe the White Lotus’s horny opulence.

White Lotus - Aubrey Plaza in Vintage Pants
Harper (Aubrey Plaza) wearing 1980s Plein Sud pants from Los Féliz.


Costume designer Alex Bovaird has said she uses Instagram tags to research what guests and locals are wearing when planning Mike White’s vacation-core show. To help pull pieces for filming in Sicily, Bovaird sent Nadia mood boards and references explaining each character’s style.  

Much of season two’s swimwear hails from Los Féliz — including the Black Loewe swimsuit that Harper (Aubrey Plaza) wears. In it, she delivers the casually damning line, “I don’t watch Ted Lasso.” 

With its gold hardware and body-hugging lines, the suit sent Redditors Google searching and commerce editors pitching a wave of “where to shop” articles, but you won’t find the original. Once it returned from set (most pieces are rented), Nadia put it back up for sale.

“Now I regret it. I was like ‘where is it?’” Does Nadia think the buyer knows what they have? “Probably not.”

White Lotus Vintage Swimsuit from Loz Feliz
A Loewe black swimsuit from Los Féliz, worn by Harper on White Lotus.


The hero’s share of the store’s vintage is worn by Harper, whose style Bovaird has said was inspired by Audrey Hepburn.

“I think Harper was the character who I liked the most or could have more empathy toward. I’m glad it was not Portia,” Nadia admits, laughing. “I didn’t love her outfits. I know it’s on purpose and I think it’s actually a very well-made character and actually very realistic, but I’m glad it was for Harper mostly or Daphne or Mia.”  

White Lotus Vintage Loz Feliz
A silk Lolita Lempicka dress worn by Harper on White Lotus.


While it looks like it could have been from “some Insta brand” (not derogatory), the pink silk dress that Harper wears to the final hotel dinner, Nadia notes, is actually vintage Lolita Lempicka from the store. When I point out how modern-looking it was, Nadia responds that good vintage “has the essence of what is being made constantly.”  

The starfish earrings on Mia (Beatrice Grannò) in episode two (pictured here) are also from the store. Made by an Italian brand in the ‘90s, they’re equal parts whimsical and sculptural, playful but elegant — styles all signature to Los Féliz. “Anything with a starfish or shell — never fails.” 

White Lotus Vintage Loz Feliz
Pink Dior swimsuit and starfish earrings, later worn by Mia (Beatrice Granno) on White Lotus.


Much of Daphne’s wardrobe resembles a Net-A-Porter haul, but the one-piece swimsuit she wears (also in episode two)  featuring a playful cow-in-a-tub illustration is vintage Moschino that Nadia had both in yellow and white.  

“In the streets, I see the tourists that really dress and are like her in a nice hotel," she says of Daphne. "She seems very realistic.” 

White Lotus Vintage Loz Feliz
Daphne (Meghann Fahy) wearing a Moschino from Los Féliz.


Born on the Spanish island Majorca, Nadia moved to Barcelona for college and caught the vintage bug. “In Majora, we didn’t really have flea markets, so I started going here to one and I just got super addicted. I would go almost every day to the flea market.” 

Nadia started organizing flea markets herself, renting out stalls for ten euros to friends. From there, she graduated to having her own “little corner” in a local store and nine years ago, launching a Big Cartel shop.

“It took me months and months to sell something online. It was like the ‘Nasty Gal Era.’ It was just normal physical stores that had vintage,” Nadia says. “Online? I didn’t even know that was a thing.” 

White Lotus Vintage Loz Feliz
Mia wearing a vintage Dior swimsuit from Los Féliz.


I found the store online through its collaborations with Gil Rodriquez, a slow-fashioned brand also followed by all of my Instagram crushes. Most of Nadia’s clientele are American. She's currently planning to bring her Mediterranean wares to the states twice this year, including, potentially, her first New York City pop-up.

“It’s going to be mobbed,” I tell her at the end of our call. 

“Is It? [laughs] I hope so.”  

Follow them now to get ahead of the line. 

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